Top 5 Kiwanis Designs for 2016

As a licensed Kiwanis vendor, we pride ourselves in making high quality garments with unique designs specially made for Kiwanis members.  This year is the first time we’ve posted a top list of Kiwanis shirts.  Here are the top five Kiwanis designs sold on for 2016:

top 10 kiwanis shirts 2016

5. Rhinestone: Kiwanis It’s All About the Kids

4. Printed: Kiwanis It’s All About the Kids

3. Embroidery: It’s All About the Kids

2. I’m Wild About Kiwanis Aktion Club

1. Making a Difference for Children

Don’t forget…many of our Kiwanis designs can be customized with your club’s name and/or your title!

Top 10 Teacher Shirt Designs for 2016

We decided to post a list of the top 10 teacher shirt designs sold on this year.  Amazingly, the superpower themed shirts still dominate the rankings, despite the fact they are several years old and dozens of new designs have been introduced since then.  Not surprisingly, the general teaching and kindergarten categories combined for 60% of the top designs.  Check out the full list below!

top 10 teacher shirts
The top 10 teacher shirts of 2016 found on

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Updated Embroidery Services Page

We just updated our embroidery services page with some incredibly useful information!  We now have PDF files of all our embroidery fonts. These show samples of the font, the available keystrokes, and the recommended minimum and maximum height for sewing.  The guide also now lists which Madeira thread colors we stock.  Prior to having custom embroidery done, please check out this guide to help speed the process along.

Our 2017 Blank Apparel Catalogs Have Arrived!

We are excited to announce we just received our 2017 blank apparel catalogs.  If you are in the Indianapolis, IN area, come on by and pick one up.  It has 847 pages of blank apparel, hats, bags, outerwear, and more from some of the biggest apparel manufacturers in the world.  Its a great way to source new products when starting your own clothing line.

2017 catalog

If you are not in the Indianapolis, IN area, you can always view the same catalog online by visiting:  The online version is also updated many times throughout the year as styles come and go.

Free Shipping Day Just Became Free Shipping Week!

Free Shipping DayFriday, December 16, 2016 is national Free Shipping Day!  Orders placed on the A+ Images website will have their orders shipped free, hopefully in time for Christmas, without expedited shipping fees.  We say “hopefully,” because this is one of the last days you are supposed to be able to mail packages throughout the US without expedited shipping fees and receive them in time for Christmas.  However, this year’s surge in online ordering has put a heavy burden on UPS, FedEx, and USPS to deliver packages on time.

We have noticed packages that normally take one day to arrive to our office are taking up to four days.  We expect timing to get worse as people last-minute shop online and push the major shipping companies well beyond their limits.  Take a look at some of the stats from UPS about this holiday season. Continue reading Free Shipping Day Just Became Free Shipping Week!

Custom Shirts Make Great Christmas Gifts

Are you still trying to figure out some last-minute Christmas gifts for your friends, family, and coworkers?  How about a custom shirt?  We can quickly produce full-color, high quality shirts for that special someone.  Not sure what to put on a shirt?  Here are some ideas:

photo fanwear shirt
A Photo Fanwear shirt makes a great gift!

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Design Your Own Shirt with our Online Design Tool

Did you know that you can design your own shirts online? With our online design tool, you’ll see how your shirt will look without ever leaving your desk! Our design tool can be used to design shirts decorated with vinyl, embroidery, screen printing, or digitally printed using either sublimation or direct to garment printing. Continue reading Design Your Own Shirt with our Online Design Tool