New Price Lists Now Available!

For the first time in 17 months, we updated our price lists.  This isn’t your typical price hike like most companies.  We completely revised our price list by increasing the number of price categories for on main decorating methods and added additional price break levels.  We also made it a two-page document instead of a single page.  Here are some examples of the changes:

General: More information about how our pricing works, art charges, policies, etc. has been added to the price chart.

DTG: From 3 price levels with 8 price break points to 5 price levels with 9 price break points.

Screen Printing: From 8 price break points to 9 price break points.

Embroidery: From 4 price levels and 8 price break points to 7 price levels and 9 price break points.  We also lowered our digitizing costs.

Vinyl: Additional pricing for different size numbers is now available, along with more color options

Overall, most customers will benefit from the new price chart.  Let us know if we can help you with your next custom shirt order!