Classroom Faces/Our New Logo/NBM Show/Vintage Indiana/Upcoming Schedule

We haven’t been posting as much lately and we are sorry about that!  We’ve been busy keeping up on our Classroom Faces shirts, and are pleased to say we had the lowest average turnaround time in over 10 years!  Turnaround time is less than one week!

Today we debuted our new logo!  You will slowly start seeing it across our website, social media, and other marketing materials.  With the new logo, we hope people that see it will have a much better idea on what we do.  This should open up our marketing and sponsorship a plus images logo

Additionally, we will be closing the office at noon on June 2, 2017 so we can attend the NBM show in Indianapolis.  Hopefully we’ll find something amazing to add to our current products and services!

Next, we will be exhibiting at the Vintage Indiana Wine and Food Festival on Saturday, June 3, 2017.  We will be having an amazing sale on overstock wine apparel.  The sale is almost too good to be true with prices below our normal wholesale cost!

Our schedule will return to normal on Monday, June 5th.  It should stay normal until the week of July 3rd, as we will close for July 4th for Independence Day, and be short staffed from July 7-14 while we attend the SDE national conferences in Las Vegas! Teachers won’t want to miss that event!