We decided to post a list of the top 10 teacher shirt designs sold on aplusimages.com this year.  Amazingly, the superpower themed shirts still dominate the rankings, despite the fact they are several years old and dozens of new designs have been introduced since then.  Not surprisingly, the general teaching and kindergarten categories combined for 60% of the top designs.  Check out the full list below!

The top 10 teacher shirts of 2016 found on aplusimages.com


10. I’m a Principal What’s Your Superpower?

9. I Teach 1st What’s Your Superpower?

8. Team Kindergarten

7. I Teach Pre-K What’s Your Superpower?

6. I Love Teaching for all the Little Reasons

5. Team Kindergarten

4. I Teach What’s Your Superpower?

3. I Teach Kindergarten What’s Your Superpower?

2. I Teach _________ What’s Your Superpower?

1. I Teach What’s Your Superpower?

What will change(s) will we see in 2017?  Will the superhero theme continue to thrive or will something new take over the list?