CUSTOM embroidery

Embroidery Explained

Embroidery is a grouping of threads in one or more colors sewn directly onto a fabric in a pre-programmed way to create a design. Custom embroidery is an extremely common form of apparel decoration.  It is used for logos and corporate branding, sports teams, name drops, and more.


We operate two TEMX-C1501 Tajima single-head embroidery machines, and one TMAR-K1506C Type 2 six-head embroidery machine.  Tajima is the most popular and reputable embroidery machine company in the world. Our new six-head is the most advanced embroidery machine available!  We use Tajima DC15 by Pulse software for digitizing.  We stock Madeira threads for embroidery.


A digitized file is required for embroidery.  For instance, we use .dst or .pxf files for embroidery. This is not likely a file you would have unless you have embroidered your design before.  Additionally, you likely won’t have the software to create one.  We can digitize files for you. Most designs cost $30 for up to 15,000 stitches to digitize. A few exceptions apply. Please email your file to us for more information.  

If we are digitizing your file, vector art is ideal.  However, any file type will work.  The better the clarity of the file supplied, the better your embroidery results will be.  Embroidery doesn’t work well with small, extremely detailed designs.

File types: Corel Draw (.cdr), Adobe Illustrator (.ai), .svg, .eps, and in some cases, .pdf files.  We can also use good quality .jpg, .gif, .psd, .png, and other raster file types.  You can use our online designer iIf you don’t have professional graphic design software.  Otherwise, we can create something for you.  We can also convert raster images to vector art for a fee.

Embroider-able Fabrics:

A variety of fabrics will work for embroidery.  For instance, 100% cotton, 50/50 cotton/polyester blend, tri blends, 100% polyester, and vinyl all work with embroidery. Garments/fabrics being embroidered do not require heat presses or dryers.  Therefore, they do not need to be brand new or completely free of detergent for safe decorating.  However, we do expect clean materials.

Decoration Locations and Size:

The design must fit in one of our embroidery hoops, and the hoop must fit on the garment or fabric.  If you aren’t sure an area can be embroidered, please bring it to our office.  We will confirm your options.  We have hoops large enough to sew designs up to approximate 12″ x 18″.  For hats, we recommend the following height limits:

  • Unstructured & low profile caps: 1.8″ tall
  • Structured mid-profile caps: 2″ tall
  • Structured high-profile caps: 2.25″ tall
  • Bucket hats: 1.8″ tall

Thread Colors:

Hundreds of embroidery thread color exists. We proudly use Madeira embroidery threads for all embroidery work, unless another thread is specifically requested. If we don’t stock a color you require, one can be ordered from our books of thread samples. The colors can be found on Madeira’s website. Most colors come from the Poly-neon and Classic Rayon color books.  Some PMS colors have matching Madeira thread colors.

The following are a list of thread color codes we stock (as of 6/26/20):

30 weight thread: 1000, 1001, & 1147
40 weight thread: 1000, 1001, 1011, 1012,  1020, 1021, 1023, 1024,  1029, 1032, 1037, 1041, 1042,  1043, 1044, 1046, 1049,  1050, 1051, 1056,  1065, 1067, 1069, 1070, 1076, 1078, 1079, 1080, 1082, 1083, 1085, 1087, 1095, 1098, 1103, 1110, 1112, 1118, 1122, 1125, 1127, 1132, 1133, 1136,  1143, 1144, 1146, 1147, 1149, 1151, 1158, 1164, 1166, 1169, 1172, 1176, 1181, 1182, 1195, 1223, 1225, 1226, 1229, 1232, 1234, 1236, 1242, 1243, 1246, 1247, 1250, 1270, 1279, 1286, 1293, 1294, 1297, 1302, 1304, 1308, 1320, 1321, 1322, 1329, 1370, 1377, 1385, 1392, 1564, 1615, 1637, 1649, 1675, 1687, 1701, 1741, 1747, 1771, 1772, 1781, 1819, 1827, 1829, 1852, 1880, 1935, 1940, 1946, 1947, 1950, 1971, 1975, 1977, 1982, 1983, 2014, 2017, 2021, 2031, 2105, & 2148
60 weight thread: 1000, 1001, 1076, 1118, 1147, 1242, 1246, 1670, & 1940

Garment Care:

Proper care for you garment is necessary to achieve a normal garment and decoration life. For all garments, we recommend cold-water washing inside out and hang drying. You may tumble dry on fluff (no heat). Never iron over the decoration. Following these steps will help you achieve the maximum amount of life for your garment. Remember, no garment or decoration is designed to last forever!

Embroidery Fonts:

We have hundreds of embroidery fonts in stock and ready to go. Additional fonts can be digitized for embroidery use. To see our embroidery fonts, click on the following PDF files to see samples of what the fonts look like.  These files also show what keystrokes are available.  They also list the recommended minimum and maximum height for embroidery.


 Our state-of-the-art Tajima TMAR-K1506C-360 Type 2 6 head

Single Head Tajima Embroidery

We have samples of all this and more in our office. Please come by and check them out, get your questions answered, and see if custom embroidery is right for your apparel project! If you are looking for custom embroidery in the Indianapolis Metropolitan area (Alexandria, Anderson, Arcadia, Avon, Bargersville, Beech Grove, Broad Ripple, Brooklyn, Brownsburg, Camby, Carmel, Chesterfield, Cicero, Clayton, Clermont, Cloverdale, Cumberland, Danville, Edgewood, Edinburgh, Elwood, Fishers, Fortville, Franklin, Frankton, Greencastle, Greenfield, Greenwood, Indianapolis, Ingalls, Lapel, Lawrence, Lebanon, Martinsville, McCordsville, Meridian Hills, Monrovia, Mooresville, Morristown, Nashville, New Palestine, New Whiteland, Noblesville, Pendleton, Pittsboro, Plainfield, Princes Lakes, Shelbyville, Sheridan, Southport, Speedway, St. Paul, Thorntown, Trafalgar, Warren Park, Westfield, Whiteland, Whitestown, and Zionsville), A+ Images can help.

Not located in one of these cities? We also service Bloomington, Fort Wayne, Terre Haute, Evansville, Northwest Indiana. Contract embroidery pricing is also available.

For questions about custom embroidery or digitizing, please contact Doug via email, or call 317-405-8955.