DTG Fulfillment

On Demand DTG Fulfillment Services

A+ Images now offers custom embroidery and DTG on demand fulfillment services!  We can also fulfill orders with screen printing, laser engraving, and print and cut vinyl.  Thanks to our new Epson F3070 DTG printers and our Tajima embroidery machines, we can help take your clothing eCommerce brand to the next level!  To reiterate, we do not stock merchandise for fulfillment.  Everything we produce is ordered and printed on an on-demand basis.  Therefore, turnarounds times are based mainly on product availability.  Due to COVID-19 supply chain issues, this can add a few days to our standard turnaround times.

dtg fulfillment process

Webstore Integrations

We make it easy to be your printing partner!  Our software can connect to your website and download orders.  This option can customized to meet your needs.  For example, if your store only sells apparel that will entirely be fulfilled by us, we can download every order.  Alternatively, if you sell printed shirts, along with a whole bunch of products we don’t offer (toys, books, music, etc.), we can setup the software to only download products we will fulfill.  You can send your other orders to other fulfillment centers, or fulfill those orders yourself.

To make things easy, we can integrate with a number of popular eCommerce website platforms.  For example, we can connect to Shopify, Squarespace, Woo Commerce, Etsy, Big Commerce, Ebay, Wix, Magento, Inksoft, Amazon, Walmart, and Pinnacle Cart webstores.  Other platform integrations may be possible, but the above options should cover most users.  Additionally, we can setup and host custom web-stores.  Please contact us for more information.

Custom Branding

Making sure your product looks like it is coming from you and not other company is an important part of the customer experience. Therefore, we offer four solutions to help make your brand stand out throughout the fulfillment process: Tagless printing, white label shipping, branded email notifications & packing slips, and marketing/promotional inserts.

Tagless Printing

Some customers and brands will want to take advantage of our branding and tagless label printing abilities.  We can print tagless labels using DTG, screen printing, pad printing, or heat transfers.  For more details on this process, check out our tagless label printing page.

White Label Shipping

We are pleased to offer customized “white-label” shipping labels.  This means that instead of an A+ Images return address on the shipping label, we can include your return address and company logo!  This ability gives a much more professional look to your products and helps with brand recognition.

Branded E-mail Notifications & Packing Slips

When an order ships, our software will automatically notify your customer and update the storefront the order is integrated with to mark the order as ‘completed’ or ‘fulfilled”.  The email is customized with your company details, contact information, and social media links. Design layout, colors, and custom text can be configured for email tracking notifications.

Marketing Inserts

We can insert customer-provided add-ins to your orders that ship for no additional charge.  For instance, we add flyers, stickers, promo codes, business cards, buttons, etc. to your shipments.

Shipping Carriers

We offer shipping services through UPS, USPS, and FedEx.  Our negotiated rates will save you money on shipping costs!  For example, our UPS expedited rates are up to 62% off regular pricing!  Additionally, UPS Ground shipments are up to 48% off standard pricing.  USPS offers Commercial Base Pricing rates.  Alternatively, we can setup third party billing.

Webstore Setup Requirements

To make the fulfillment process work smoothly, there are some critical requirements to get your website and files setup properly.

    1. You must be setup with us as a wholesale customer.
    2. The webstore platform must be one of the integrations listed above. Due to it’s extreme popularity and ability to integrate with many different pieces of software, we recommend Shopify for most stores.
    3. Shipping Integration Setup: We’ll email you a form through Eversign to complete electronically. Once we receive the completed form, we can integrate your store with our software.
    4. Each product in your store must have a unique product code/sku/design ID.  The name of the file for the design we will print must match the code.  The code should follow a certain format.  The basic concept is DECORATION METHOD-STORE NAME-FILE DESCRIPTION.
      1. The decoration method choices are:
        1. DTG (for direct to garment designs)
        2. EMB (for embroidery designs)
        3. V (for vinyl designs)
        4. LAS (for laser design)
        5. PC (for print and cut designs)
        6. SUB (for sublimation designs)
        7. SP (for screen printed designs): However, screen printing will rarely be a fulfillment choice for most stores.
      2. Store names: You must use a two-to-five character alpha-numeric code used to describe your store.  Each store will have it’s own code.  Please confirm your code with us before naming your files. For example, if your store/business/company name is: Joey’s Funny Tees, an appropriate code for your store would be “JFT”.
      3. File Names: The third part of the file name formula should be the actual name of the design.  Theoretically, it can be as simple as “Design-1” and “Design-2”.  However, your customer won’t be able to identify that name with each unique design on their packing list.  Therefore, the ideal name is descriptive of the design.  For example, if you have a design for the Fourth of July design with fireworks, an appropriate name would be “JULY4-FIREWORKS”. To piece this section all together, you would get a unique file name of “DTG-JFT-JULY4-FIREWORKS”. You would then send us a file called “DTG-JFT-JULY4-FIREWORKS.png.”
    5. Quantity of identical items. This should be covered automatically by your shopping cart software.
    6. Each item ordered must match the exact product info listed on the shirt vendor websites. We highly recommend using Alphabrder.com as your main supplier since we order from them daily. Items coming from Sanmar, S&S Activewear, Augusta Sportswear, or any other supplier will either:
      1. Be delayed until we have enough orders to generate free shipping from that vendor. This could be days or even weeks.
      2. Be charged shipping. In most cases, the shipping charges will be more expensive than the blank shirt itself. We do not recommend this option for that reason.
    7. There is a $100 integration fee, unless proof of sales volume can be provided.


NOTICE: It is imperative your order details contain the detailed information above. We cannot fulfill orders when we don’t know exactly what the product is.

Color naming is the biggest problem our customers face. For example, you cannot write “grey” as the shirt color unless “grey” is the exact color name listed by the manufacturer. For instance, the G200 style has ash grey, charcoal, dark heather grey, ice grey, sport grey. Nothing is simply called “grey”. We won’t guess the color and we don’t want to contact you every time we get an order. Order processing charges will apply if we must contact you to because the order details are not specific enough to fulfill the order!

The following are a list of examples of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable:

Acceptable Not Acceptable
G200 Royal Blue M M Men’s Blue Shirt
AL1307 Charcoal Heather 3XL Men’s Grey Tank Top XXXL
B7502 Storm XL Ladies Fleece Hoodie 1XL
4424 Colbat 18MOS Blue Onesie

Here is a sample of a properly formatted three item (but 4 shirt) order using hypothetical file names for the fictious Joey’s Funny Tees store.

1 DTG-JFT-NYE21 3600 Classic Orange 3XL

***The order these 5 critical items appears does not matter. It only matters than all five items appear.***

Our DTG fulfillment services are based out of Indianapolis, IN.  We can work with any store based in the United States.  Questions about our on demand DTG fulfillment program? Email or call 317-405-8955 and ask for Doug.