Are there any Kornit Breeze owners out there that have issues with clogged white print heads?  If so, you don’t need to purchase an expensive Print Head Doctor to clear them out.  Just pop one of our unique trays into your maintenance tray, fill it with flushing fluid, and let it sit overnight.  The next morning, you should be free and clear!  If you have had clogged nozzles for a long period of time, it may take a few nights of use to clear out the clog.  We have used these trays overnight and on weekends for 15 months and have perfect nozzle checks each morning.  

If at the end of the day, you run a nozzle check and the nozzles are perfect, fill them with priming fluid to preserve the nozzles. If you are missing some, use flushing fluid instead.  It only takes about 10 ccs of fluid to fill the trays.

Despite my efforts, Kornit has NOT endorsed this product.  Believe me, I have tried for over a year.  They love the idea but are more focused on the super high end machines.  These trays are NOT guaranteed to clear every clog.  I can only speak from my experience, and that is, they cleared my clogged nozzles and have kept them clear with regular use.

Currently, these trays only fit the white heads on a Kornit Breeze.  The trays in the picture are the prototypes.  The new trays are an off-white and built to order using a top of the line 3D printer.  They can be ordered by emailing doug at aplusimages dot com.  The price is $375 for two trays and includes shipping. Order your trays today and get your Breeze performing to its full potential!