Kornit Breeze Wet Capping Trays

-UPDATE: These trays are no longer available.

Clogged White Print Head Problem

Are you a Kornit Breeze owner?  Do you suffer from clogged white print heads?  If they are severely clogged, you may need to purchase an expensive Print Head Doctor to clear them out.  However, we developed Kornit Breeze wet capping trays as a lower-budget alternative.

A+ Images is an apparel decorating company.  We purchased our Kornit Breeze printers in the fall of 2013.  Soon after, we experienced poor nozzle checks & streaky printing.  Despite operating inside proper temperature and humidity guidelines, the white print heads were getting clogged.

Research and Development

At first, we cut apart plastic paint trays stacked on pieces of plastic to make a wet capping tray.  It was a VERY rough design and had several flaws. However, it worked.  Next, we spent several weeks working with a local 3D parts printing company to design a professional looking tray.  Finally, we came up with a final product after eight prototypes and feedback from Kornit engineers.

kornit breeze wet capping traysWet Capping Tray Use

The Kornit Breeze wet capping trays are easy to use.  First, clean up the area next to the wiper blades.  Next, place the trays into position.  Then, fill it with fluid. Use Kornit Priming fluid for regular use and Flushing fluid for clogged nozzles.  Finally, cap the print heads, shut down the printer, and let them sit overnight.  The next morning, you should be free and clear!  If you have had clogged nozzles for a long period of time, it may take several nights of use to clear out the clog.  We have used these trays overnight and on weekends for 15 months and have perfect nozzle checks each morning.  The trays are designed to be used as “routine maintenance”.  However, people have had success using them to unclear clogged nozzles.

The best thing about these trays is that you don’t have to flush your heads frequently.  For instance, since we started using the wet capping trays three years ago, we have not had to flush our white print heads one time.  Additionally, we have not had to replace any print heads because of clogged nozzles.


Despite my efforts, Kornit has NOT endorsed this product.   I have tried for years.  They love the idea but are more focused on the super high-end machines.  These trays are NOT guaranteed to clear every clog.  I can only speak from my experience.  They cleared my clogged nozzles and have kept them clear with regular use for over three years.  Additionally, there are no warranties, expressed or implied.

Currently, these trays only fit the white heads on a Kornit Breeze.  The trays in the picture are the prototypes.  The new trays are an off-white and built to order using a state-of-the-art 3D printer.  They can be ordered by emailing doug at aplusimages dot com.  The price is $390 for two trays and includes shipping to the continental US. Order your Kornit Breeze wet capping trays today and get your Breeze performing to its full potential!