In Memory of Shirts

Photographic Shirt Reminders of Lost Loved Ones

Have you recently lost a loved one? If so, we are very sorry for your loss! Now, you can remember this special person in your life with a custom “In Memory Of” shirt.  In Memory Of shirts are also referred to as “RIP” shirts or “funeral” shirts.

Whether it’s a unique one-off print just for you, or a bulk order for your family and friends, we have you covered! You can choose from several printing options for different budgets. First, we can offer simple one-color screen-printed designs. Second, we can offer full-color photographic prints using DTG technology. Next, we can offer basic vinyl prints. Finally, we can combine options to make a truly beautiful design to honor the memory of your lost love done.  If you want to search for shirt ideas, we suggest browsing through Pinterest.

Screen Printing

Screen-printed shirts are a very economical printing option. First, choose your shirt and ink color. Then, decide what you want on the shirt. For instance, you may want just text. Do you have a good quality photo with good amounts of contrast in it? If so, we may be able to print it on the shirt as well.

in memory of shirt sample

Photographic “in memory of” DTG print


DTG printed shirts are the most common “in memory of shirts” we print. They are more expensive than screen printed shirts. However, they allow for full color photographic printing. You could use a single picture of the person’s life you are celebrating. Alternatively, you could make a collage of pictures and include friends and family members.


Vinyl is the third option for RIP shirts. This is the least common option we have. It is typically used when only a handful (or less) of shirts are needed. It also requires a simple design. For instance, a design like this would typically include a name and birth/death dates. We cannot print photos with vinyl. However, we can decorate with glitter vinyl so your shirt grabs other people’s attention!

Finally, you can combine the previously mentioned methods for a truly spectacular look. For instance, the front could be a DTG print with a photo. Additionally, the back could be screen printed with angle wings and a quote. Alternatively, you could screen print a photo on front and add a name in glitter on the back. The possibilities are endless.

Wrap Up

We know the loss of a loved one typically comes without much warning. Luckily, we can quickly produce in memory of shirts for you within a day or two. In some cases, we can even print them the same day.

As an additional option, we can host a fundraiser through our website and use the profits from your shirt sales to benefit the surviving family members. Please contact us for more information.