Custom Removable Wall Vinyl Graphics in Indianapolis


When most people hear the term “removable wall vinyl graphics”, they aren’t sure what it means.  If we follow up their response with the question, “Do you know what a Fathead is?”, they normally say “yes”.  “Fathead” is one company’s trademarked term for removable wall vinyl graphics.  Similarly, Kleenex is a trademarked name for facial tissue. In other words, “removable wall vinyl graphics” is the generic term describing this product.

With the addition of our Roland VG-540 print and cut system, we now offer removable wall vinyl graphics.  Due to licensing agreements and trademarks, we do not offer collegiate and professional sports team logos and figures removable wall vinyl graphics like Fathead does.  If that is what you are looking for, please order directly from  However, we can print and cut a removable wall vinyl graphic for many other uses.  To accomplish this, we use Jarhead removable wall vinyl.

Things to Know About Vinyl Graphics

Before we get into the many uses for removable wall vinyl graphics, there are two very important things to know.  First, “removable’ is more accurately described as “repositionable”.  This vinyl is designed to peel off the wall for re-positioning purposes during installation.  The more times the material is pulled off-and-on the wall, the more debris get stuck to the material.  This makes it less sticky.  This vinyl is not designed to reinstall from wall to wall.  Once the material is applied in the correct position, it is considered “permanent” after six months.  In other words, the graphic decal may tear or take some paint from the wall with it if you try to remove it from the wall.  Wall cleanliness, smoothness, paint type, and room conditions like temperature and humidity can effect product installation and lifespan.

Second, all our wall decals require a ½ white space around them.  This allows the material to make a better seal on the edges to resist peeling due to ink saturation.  When installed properly, our removable wall vinyl graphics should last up to 10 years. Actual results may vary from one installation to another.


removable wall vinyl graphic

A removable wall vinyl graphic displayed in our office

Removable wall vinyl graphics have many usesThe first option would be office decor.  You could add your company logo to your office wall without having to invest in an expensive sign.  Stuck in an inside office with no windows?  Create your own view!  Personally, I look out the window to a Hawaiian beach every day through my otherwise windowless Indianapolis office!  We also display our policies and pricing in a large format on the wall when customers walk in.  For another example, a company could also put up mission statements or motivational sayings.  It could also display quotes about their products or services from customers in a noticeable way.

Businesses can also use removable wall vinyl graphics to advertise on walls and windows.  Our removable wall vinyl graphics can stick to glass too!  Display your company name, store hours, sale info, and more in an attention-getting way.

There are several other unique opportunities to take advantage of.  Instead of buying a decal of your favorite team for a basement or a kid’s bedroom, why not fill up walls with action shots of your own child playing their favorite sport?  You could also print large format pictures of a family vacation.  Download high quality images from sites like Pixabay and decorate rooms with characters, images, or emojis.


Now that you know what you can do with removable wall vinyl graphics, get started on your project today!  We strongly advise you read artwork requirements on our print and cut sign vinyl page, so your finished product looks stunning.