Licensed Kiwanis Apparel

licensed kiwanis apparelAre you a member of a Kiwanis club looking for licensed Kiwanis Apparel?  If so, you’ve come to the right place!  A+ Images is proud to be a Kiwanis licensee.  In addition to offering licensed Kiwanis apparel, we are licensed to offer branded garments for Key Club International, Builders Club, Circle K International, and K-Kids, and Aktion Club.  Kiwanis International requires clubs to purchase Kiwanis related merchandise from licensed vendors.

Our Unique Kiwanis Apparel

We have created our own line of apparel for Kiwanis members.  Most items feature a unique set of children, along with either the Kiwanis word-mark or seal.  After all, Kiwanis really is all about the kids!

The bulk of our product line features embroidered garments.  Additionally, we offer digitally printed and glitter vinyl or foil options.  Furthermore, all our items are printed on demand.  This allows us to offer a wide variety of garments and designs without investing a fortune into inventory.  If you want a garment that we don’t offer, ask us!  We may be able to get that item, but it could take a little extra time.  Our licensing contract requires us to obtain approval on new garments before offering them for sale.  This is done to help protect the Kiwanis brand.

Custom Kiwanis Apparel

Are you looking to create a custom shirt for your local Kiwanis club?  If so, we can help! However, there are some important things you need to know before we can decorate shirts for your club.  First, the garment must fit in with the brand.  We can decorate professional looking items, t-shirts, jackets, etc.  We can’t decorate apparel that doesn’t fit in with the Kiwanis brand.  For instance, we probably wouldn’t get approved to decorate swimwear, underwear, sleepwear, or tank tops.  Second, the logo must be branding standards.  There are a lot of rules that apply here. You can download the whole Kiwanis branding guide from here.  We’ll cover the basics below.

kiwanis branding guideline exampleFirst, we are required to use certain fonts, colors, and sizes for the logos and word-marks.  This means you can’t make the Kiwanis logo red because it is your favorite color.  Second, you can’t change the way any of the logos look.  Third, you need space between the logo or word-mark and other aspects of the design.  For instance, you cannot overlap a banner with your club name over the Kiwanis seal.  Fourth, certain ratios between the word-mark and the Kiwanis seal apply.  Finally, after following all the above-mentioned rules, your design must be approved by Affinity Licensing.  Once we get approval, we can fulfill your order.

Custom Kiwanis Signage

In addition to licensed apparel, we are authorized to produce a variety of other items.  Banners and pop-up banners will likely be the most common items.  Additionally, we can product decals, license plates, and posters.  These items must kiwanis pop up bannerfollow the same branding guidelines discussed above.  These items are great for advertising your club at local events.  They also work great for sponsorships.

Kiwanis Fundraising

A+ Images also offers fundraising opportunities at the district level.  Fundraisers are available for August and Mid-Winter conventions.  We also offer an affiliate marketing program for districts.  Each district can link to our website.  Commissions can be earned on all website purchases.  Additionally, districts can add their customized shirt to our website.  Members can purchase licensed Kiwanis apparel year-round.  This prevents districts from having to front money for a large inventory of apparel that could take months to turnover.  For more information on Kiwanis fundraising, visit this page.

Contact us today to get started on your next licensed Kiwanis apparel project!