Take advantage of Indianapolis COVID-19 Fundraisers for Small Businesses, Non-Profits, and Charities!

During these unprecedented times as a result of the COVID-19 virus, we want to do everything possible to help those in need.  While we don’t have sewing machines to sew masks, or 3D printers to make face shields, or distilleries to make hand sanitizer, we can help benefit those in need with t-shirt fundraisers.

Here are the five steps to make this happen.

  1. Create your design
    • Design using your own graphics software (free)
    • Design using our online designer tool (free)
    • Hire a freelance designer (for a fee)
    • Have us design something for you using your concepts (for a fee)
  2. Choose your garment
  3. Promote-The success of your fundraiser depends on your ability to promote your shirt to as many people as possible. Some ideas include:
    • Send an email campaign
    • Enlist your friends/colleagues/customers and have them help spread the word
    • Post to social media
    • Place an ad/link on your website
  4. Receive your commissions- We’ll run the promotion for 2 weeks. Once it ends, we’ll total up sales and mail a check to you for the proceeds.
  5. Spend the money- Use the money however you want
    • Help cover overhead (rent, utilities, insurance, etc.)
    • Pay employees
    • Buy inventory
    • Donate to charity

Here is a fundraiser we are helping out nationally syndicated cartoonist Gary Varvel with.  50% of the profits are going to Shepherd Community in Indianapolis.


If you aren’t familiar with designing custom shirts, please contact us for details prior to starting.  You want to be sure your art is print-ready, and your shirts are compatible with the decorating method for your design.  There are no risks or upfront costs (unless you pay to have someone create your design). Designs custom shirts to be used as Indianapolis COVID-19 fundraisers is a great option for many businesses!

Stay safe…we’ll all get through this together.