20th Anniversary Present: F3070 DTG Printers

A+ Images, Inc. was started September 27, 2000.  That makes this month our 20th anniversary month.  The business has actually been around longer than that, but under different names.  To celebrate our 20th anniversary, we are upgrading to brand new, state-of-the-art Epson F3070 DTG printers!  We wanted to have a party at the office with our team and customers, but COVID-19 is preventing that.  Instead, we hope to celebrate by having a 21st anniversary party next year!


About a year ago, we started looking at new DTG printers.  After attending some trade shows and researching printers for months, we decided the Brother GTX was likely going to be our pick.  Just in case something better was going to get announced at the ISS show in Long Beach in January 2020, we decided to attend.  That is where we stumbled upon Epson’s first industrial DTG printer, the F3070.  The model was only a prototype, but the specs were incredibly promising.  Their release was scheduled for July.

Then, COVID-19 hit and jacked-up the timeline.  We kept in touch with Epson since ISS, getting a few details here and there.  In July, Brother threw a us a curve-ball and announced two new printers.  After researching them, we realize they have higher ink costs, were not as feature loaded, nor as industrial as the Epson.  Therefore, we continued to wait.  In August, official details about the Epson F3070 started coming out.  They were even more promising than we initially hoped!

Last night we found they are officially available for purchase.  Today, we placed the order for two Epson F3070 printers!  We do not yet have an official installation date, but hope everything will be fully installed by the end of September.  There are a lot of pieces to the puzzle to coordinate the installation (logistics, electrical, gas, training, etc.).  The Epson printers are VERY different than the Kornit printers we have now.  We’ll need a few weeks to learn the new printing methods.

Our DTG page will be updated will all new information soon!

Epson F3070 vs Kornit Breeze

Check out the chart below to see some of the major differences customers will benefit from thanks to this upgrade.

F3070 vs kornit breeze

Additionally, the Epson F3070 is capable of printing on shoes and hats.  We’ll add those pallets down the road if demand warrants it.


The new Epson F3070 printers are a much needed upgrade for our business.  It will be significantly easier to create artwork, and we’ll have more DTG print options than ever before. Here’s to the next 20 years!

Oh ya, we added a laser too!