Laser Engraved Metal Business Cards

I am excited to announce we purchased a laser engraving machine!  While we can cut and engrave a countless number of items, I want to bring our VIP Metal Business Cards to your attention.  These cards are designed to supplement your regular business cards and be used when you really want to make an impression on someone.  Do not confuse these cards with cheap 0.20mm or 0.50mm business cards you can find online.

VIP Metal Business CardsCard features:

  • Made from 1.27mm thick aluminum
  • 3.5” x 2.0”
  • No sharp edges or burrs
  • Fully anodized, colored, and sealed
  • No silver aluminum showing around the edges
  • Available in 10 colors (Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Light Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, & Silver)
  • Laser engraved

The cards can be single or double-sided; simple or complex.  Pricing depends on quantity of identical cards ordered and what goes on them.  Price breaks occur at the following quantities: 2, 6, 11, 21, 31, 46, 66, 81, and 101 pieces.  You can mix and match card colors, but the design must remain the same to take advantage of quantity discounts.

Metal Business Card Uses

In addition to being used as VIP metal business cards, you can you these cards for many things. They could be used as VIP passes for special events. For example, you could hand these cards out to customers at trade shows for a private “after party” event.  Additionally, you can hand them out to give people access to certain areas that are off-limits to the public.  Another example would be as a way to brand your luxury product.  For instance, you could add one of these cards with your customer support contact info to a shipment of products ordered from your website.  Finally, they can be used as valuable coupons.  There are many more possibilities.  What will you use these luxurious metal business cards for?

Contact us for more information about VIP Metal Business Cards, or to place an order.