A+ Images, Inc. is now an authorized The North Face® apparel decorator!  Blank garments are ordered via Sanmar.  Due to product line offerings, embroidery will likely be the best decorating method for The North Face (TNF) products.  For fleece garments, laser engraving could be an alternative decorating option. The following guidelines/policies are in place for all TNF products.

TNF Ordering Guidelines

To protect their brand’s integrity, The North Face® products cannot be sold blank and require decoration pre-approval.  Additionally, The North Face® products must be shipped to decorators on The North Face Contract Decorator list.  Please keep in mind that all items in your order will ship to the same location.  If you are ordering The North Face® products in addition to other brands, consider splitting your order to ensure shipping to the proper locations.

The North Face® premium apparel requires special processing and handling.  Please allow additional time when purchasing The North Face® apparel.

End User Approval Process

As part of the ordering process, you may be asked to provide additional end user information before the order can be released. The North Face® prohibits the sale of their apparel to certain channels, including the firearms/ammunition industry, the tobacco industry and the adult entertainment industry.

TNF Product Samples

For sample orders, there is a five-unit limit and customers must call SanMar Customer Service & Sales at 1.800.426.6399. Samples can be shipped directly to our customers and do not need to go through a particular decorator.

TNF Branded Products Terms and Conditions

The North Face prohibits placing logos, emblems, or designs on The North Face products that negatively impact The North Face brand.  Logos, emblems, and designs that are obscene, vulgar, advocate or display violence or illegal activity are not allowed.  For example, this includes logos that relate to the firearms and ammunition, tobacco, sex (including gentlemen’s clubs) and pornography industries.  Also, The North Face is an environmentally-conscious and socially and politically aware brand and reserves the right to prohibit logos, emblems, and designs that, in its sole and absolute discretion, run counter to, or are inconsistent with, its brand identity.

The decoration of any The North Face garment with the proprietary mark, name or logo of any company or organization without the appropriate license and/or authorization of the company or organization is expressly prohibited. Please contact your The North Face sales representative with questions. The exportation of The North Face product outside of the U.S. (and its territories) is prohibited.

For more information visit the Terms and Conditions of Use page.

Finally, we also offer apparel decorating services for famous brands such as Eddie Bauer, New Era, Red House, Carhartt, Nike, and Ogio.

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