We have brand new Epson F3070 DTG printers and we want to learn to print new materials. For a limited time, we are offering free DTG printing! We know the printers work great on lightweight, ringspun cotton t-shirts. For example, we’ve tested Next Level 3600/N3900, Bella+Canvas 3001C/B6400, and Gildan G640/G640L.
Now we want to start testing other fabrics. We are mainly interested in tri blends and cotton-faced fleece, but are willing to try almost fabric besides 100% polyester fabric and anything with spandex/Lycra.
You must be asking by now, “What is the catch?” Well, there a few.

Promotion Rules

1. You must supply the garments and the artwork. The garments must be new, clean, and legally tagged. The artwork must follow all our standard artwork policies. Finally, the artwork should be setup according to the directions for Epson F3070 printers found here: https://www.aplusimages.com/services/direct-to-garment-dtg-indianapolis/
Artwork not setup using the guidelines listed are likely to yield inferior results. We will not create or edit any artwork for this promotion.
2. Ideally, a few identical shirts should be supplied for each job. We’ll run some tests on the first shirt or two to try and find the best print setting for that shirt fabric & color. Then, we’ll print your shirts.
3. No rush jobs or guaranteed in-hands dates whatsoever. We will fit these in as we can between orders.
4. There are some limits.
a. No more than 15 identical shirt types per job
b. No more than 100 free prints per person/company/organization
c. The promotion will end when removed from our website once we have tested enough of a variety of garments.free dtg printing promo
5. We cannot guarantee all orders submitted will be approved. The goal here is to try new garment styles and colors. For example, if 10 people all submit the same shirt style and color, we will not accept most of the orders. However, if 10 people all submit different shirt styles and colors, we will likely accept most or all of the orders.
6. If we need to ship the completed shirts back to you, shipping charges will apply.


This promotion is for testing purposes. There are absolutely no guarantees that any of the prints will turn out correctly. You will not be charged for any of the printing (good or bad). We will not be responsible for any customer-supplied garments for any reason.

How to Participate

If you wish to take advantage of this free DTG printing promotion, email info@aplusimages.com with your contact information, artwork, and garment details. We will let you know if we can accept your order. If approved, please bring your blank shirts to the office with clear directions on the job details. If we do not approve your request, please pick another garment type, and resubmit your request.