DTF custom transfersOverview

For many years, we offered sublimation and vinyl print-and-cut digital custom transfers.  Sublimation use is limited to white polyester garments.  Vinyl print-and-cut either requires weeding and/or a background.  The apparel decorating industry’s newest trend is known as direct-to film (DTF) transfers. DTF transfers are full color, high resolution transfers that work on a variety of garments.  For example, cotton, polyester, triblends, 60/40 blends, 50/50 blends, leather, and other fabrics (in any color) all work well with DTF custom transfers.

DTF Custom Transfers

Our printing system was a collaboration between Mutoh (a printer manufacturer), and STS Inks, and ink manufacturer.  They created a roll-to-roll system that produces beautiful, digital custom transfers.  Direct-to-film uses a similar technology to DTG.  For example, both use CMYK+White inkjet printers to print full color images.  However, DTG and DTF have five major differences. First, DTF does not require pretreating the garments.  Second, DTF prints on a transparent PET film instead of directly onto a shirt.  Third, DTF uses an adhesive powder backing that allows it to bond with a variety of fabrics.  Fourth, the image is printed in mirror.  Finally, color is printed first.  White ink is printed on top of the color ink. The previously mentioned adhesive backing melts onto the white ink.

Benefits of Custom Transfers

Transfers have two major benefits over direct printing methods.  First, they can allow you to print images in bulk and apply them to garments on an as-needed basis.  Users can setup a portable shop only needing a heat press.  For example, transfers are the perfect solution for live event printing.  Without preprinted transfers, you’d need a printer, computer, dryer, screen print press, pretreat machine, and/or other various accessories.  Additionally, you’d need a large vehicle to transport everything.  Second, our selection of custom transfers means there is something for nearly every garment or fabric type available.

How to Order Custom Transfers

Ordering custom transfers is easy.  First, visit our service pages to review each option and determine the correct type of transfer for your project.  Second, design your artwork based on the criteria listed for the service you chose.  Third, email us the artwork and job details.  We’ll review your info, reach out with any questions, and send you a link to pay online.  W will print your order and contact you for pickup upon completion.  Most importantly, please note we do not offer shipping on custom transfers.  All orders are for local pickup from our office.

dtf prints on a grey polyester shirt

DTF transfers on a grey polyester shirt

Custom Transfer Samples

We have shirts printed with different types of transfers at our office.  We also have samples of DTF transfers you can take home and apply with your own heat press.

In conclusion, A+ Images now offers three types of custom transfers for pickup in the Indianapolis area.  What type of transfer will you use on your next custom apparel project?